In Germany, tobacco is grown on an area of around 2000 hectares.

German tobacco is premium tobacco!

That’s us:


  • Reliability

Our Tobacco Growers work in seven different regions in Germany. This wide regional spread allows us to guarantee sufficient yields, even in case of impeding regional conditions. Our meteorological warning and crop protection service enables us to provide an effective risk management – our supply is reliable.


  • Handcraft

Almost 96 percent of German Growers do not use harvesting machines. Hands on – German Tobacco is predominantly handpicked and thus free of pressure marks. This guarantees best leafs for manufacturers.


  • Quality

German Tobacco Growers are fully committed to highest quality standards. Our research and development organisation NICOTA provides all growers with multi-resistant seeds – this guarantees healthy yields of Virgin Tobacco with less nicotine and high sugar percentage. We never use genetically modified organisms.


  • Sustainability

German Tobacco is seeded, grown and harvested under highest social, ecological and technical standards.

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